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function getModelWithString<U extends AnyParamConstructor<any>, QueryHelpers = BeAnObject>(
key: string
): undefined | ReturnModelType<U, QueryHelpers>


key RequiredstringGet a Model from Cache by the name of the model

getModelWithString tries to find the given key in the Typegoose Model Cache and return the Model.

Similar to getClass, only that this function currently directly requires the key.


Will throw a Error when caching is disabled E033.


class Kitten {
public name?: string;

const KittenModel = getModelForClass(Kitten);

const KittenModelNew = getModelWithString(KittenModel.modelName);
// OR with the internal utils.getName(class)
const KittenModelNew = getModelWithString(utils.getName(Kitten));
// BUT when you have the class at your disposal, you should use "getModelForClass" - it will return the already compiled model
// also possible is to use "getClass" to get the class from something like a document, but it would be better to directly get the model from the document
const KittenModelNew = getModelWithString(getClass(somedocument) ?? "");
// instead of using a document it is recommended to directly get the model with