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Migrate to 6.0.0

These are the changes made for 6.0.0 that are breaking or just important to know.

Important, Read this first

This Guide is written for migration from version 5.9.2 to 6.0.0, for versions >6.0.0 <7.0.0, please consult the CHANGELOG

Requirements changed

  • Typescript 3.5 is now required / recommended
  • Mongoose 5.7.1 or higher is now required

InstanceType changed

InstanceType<T> was renamed to DocumentType<T>

getModelForClass, setModelForClass, buildSchema

They are not in the Typegoose class anymore. They are now outsourced, which means the new syntax is the following (for a "seamless" migration the Typegoose Class still exists and has the functions, but the will be deprecated):

import { getModelForClass } from 'typegoose';
class Name {}

const NameModel = getModelForClass(Name);

Note: Typegoose Class still has all the functions, but they are marked deprecated & are just passthroughs to the new functions.


Use the following decorator now.

@modelOptions({ schemaOptions: {} })
class Name {}

Otherwise, the functions still override the settings made in modelOptions


Hooks received a change (in 6.0.0-13) for the types to comply with the latest mongoose (5.6.8)
-> no workarounds or typedefs required anymore.

Methods (staticMethod, instanceMethod, virtuals)

@staticMethod & @instanceMethod were deprecated in favor of schema.loadClass(). These decorators are no longer needed, because the methods are auto-detected.

For virtuals, simply use get somevalue() { return ''; } and set somevalue(val: string) { } (@prop is no longer needed). [New Documentation]

For populating virtuals, use @prop({ localField, foreignField }). The overwrite option is no longer needed. [New Documentation]

Update: @staticMethod & @instanceMethod were removed in 6.1.0-1

setModelForClass is deprecated

setModelForClass() has been deprecated, because Mongoose would throw an OverwriteModelError if it was attempted to overwrite a model.
-> use getModelForClass()

ModelType is abstracted

The type ModelType has been abstracted to ReturnModelType<typeof Class> with documentation. But, if for any reason ModelType is needed, it needs to be imported from @typegoose/typegoose/lib/types.

[IC] data.ts collections are now Map<T, S>

data.ts's collections got refactored to use ES6 Maps


  • [IC] The internal handling of schema creation has changed a bit, however we tried to keep the inputs & outputs the same, meaning in some edge-cases schema creation might not work as expected.

*`IC` means `internal change`*