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Migrate to 7.0.0

These are the changes made for 7.0.0 that are breaking or just important to know

Important, Read this first

This Guide is written for migration from version 6.5.0 to 7.0.0, for versions >7.0.0 <8.0.0, please consult the CHANGELOG

Requirements changed

  • Nodejs 8 & 9 are now unsupported, lowest supported version is now 10.15
  • Typescript 3.8 is now required (4.9 is recommended)
  • Mongoose 5.9.10 or higher is now required

Deprecation removals

arrayProp options removed

The following options got removed:

  • itemsRef got replaced with just ref
  • itemsRefPath got replaced with just refPath
  • itemsRefType got replaced with just refType

Typegoose class got removed

In 6.0.0 it was announced that the Typegoose class was useless and will be removed in a future version. Now, in 7.0.0, it was completely removed.

[IC] all remaining cache-maps got moved to reflection

All possible cache-maps that were in data.ts were refactored to be in the reflection of the class.

[IC] almost all "if-throw" blocks got replaced with "assertion" functions

Typescript 3.7 introduced a new type-keyword asserts and now almost every occurrence has been replaced with a custom assertion function.

[IC] The Testing Framework for Typegoose changed to Jest

For Typegoose 7.0.0, the Testing Framework change from mocha + chai to jest

*`IC` means `Internal Change`*