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Migrate to 8.0.0

These are the changes made for 8.0.0 that are breaking or just important to know

Important, Read this first

This Guide is written for migration from version 7.6.3 to 8.0.0, for versions >8.0.0 <9.0.0, please consult the CHANGELOG

Requirements changed

  • Nodejs 10 & 11 are now unsupported, lowest supported version is now 12.22
  • Typescript 4.3 is now suggested to be used
  • Mongoose 5.13.3 or higher is now required

Deprecation removals

Deprecated Options removed

The following options removed:

  • items replaced with just type
  • of replaced with just type
  • refType replaced with just type

Deprecated Decorators removed

The following decorator functions got removed, and replaced with an second parameter to prop:

  • mapProp
  • arrayProp

@prop can since 7.x be forced into an specific mode with an second parameter: @prop({}, PropType.ARRAY) Look here for an example for PropType

Mongoose Version above 5.13 is now supported

Since mongoose version 5.10.19 (yes an patch version), mongoose has official typescript types, but often broke from 5.10.19 to 5.12.9


Because mongoose now provides its own official typescript types, this means that @types/mongoose is incompatible now (and plugins which still use it cannot be used)

Default Class "Base" is now an interface instead of an class

For 8.0.0 the default Class Base got converted into an interface instead of an class (to have typings even when extending another class)

"ref" and "refPath" now use "mapArrayOptions"

For ref and refPath the options should now be mapped when using reference arrays