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function queryMethod<QueryHelpers, U extends AnyParamConstructor<any>>(
func: (this: QueryHelperThis<U, QueryHelpers>, ...params: any[]) => Query<any, any>
): ClassDecorator


func Required(this: QueryHelperThis<U, QueryHelpers>, ...params: any[]) => Query<any, any>The Function to add as a Query Method

@queryMethod is used to add Custom Query Methods.

func Parameters:

thisQueryHelperThis<U, QueryHelpers>The Current Query, with Query Helpers available
...paramsany[]Extra Parameters defined by the Query Helper to be added
=> (Return Type)mongoose.QueryA Mongoose Query has to be returned from the Query Helper

A Named function has do be used, it also cannot be a Arrow-Function (() => any), because the Query can only be accessed with this and a name has to be supplied to be callable later on. (see Example below)


import { types } from "@typegoose/typegoose";

// an interface is needed to add query-function types to the class
interface QueryHelpers {
// use the actual function types dynamically
findByName: types.AsQueryMethod<typeof findByName>;
// the same can be done with other functions (not listed in this example)
findByLastname: types.AsQueryMethod<typeof findByLastname>;

function findByName(this: types.QueryHelperThis<typeof Person, QueryHelpers>, name: string) {
return this.find({ name }); // it is important to not do a "await" and ".exec"
class Person {
@prop({ required: true })
public name: string;
const PersonModel = getModelForClass<typeof Person, QueryHelpers>(Person);

// thanks to "QueryHelpers" the function "findByName" should exist here and return the correct type
const docs: types.DocumentType<Person>[] = await PersonModel.find()