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function searchIndex(description: SearchIndexDescription): ClassDecorator


description RequiredSearchIndexDescriptionDescription of the search index, including definition and optional name

@searchIndex is used to set search indices on the schema, this decorator acts like schema.searchIndex().


Search indices are only supported in M10 (or higher) Mongo Atlas clusters running MongoDB 6.0+ or 7.0+. Full documentation can be found here.


Because creating a search index can be a very heavy operation, automatic creation of search indices is disabled by default. To enable automatic creation of search indices, the autoSearchIndex option must be set to true in the schema options using the @modelOptions decorator.


// static search index that only maps some fields
name: 'authorSearch',
definition: {
mappings: {
dynamic: false,
fields: {
birthday: { type: 'date' },
biography: { type: 'string' },
class Author {
@prop({ required: true })
public name!: string;

@prop({ required: true })
public birthday!: Date;

@prop({ required: true })
public biography!: string;
// dynamic index that maps all fields based on their type
@searchIndex({ name: 'BookSearch', definition: { dynamic: true } })
class Book {
@prop({ required: true })
public title!: string;

@prop({ required: true })
public author!: Ref<Author>;

@prop({ required: true })
public description!: string;

@prop({ required: true })
public publicationYear!: number;