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Migrate to 10.0.0

These are the changes made for 9.0.0 that are breaking or just important to know

Important, Read this first

This Guide is written for migration from version 9.13.2 to 10.0.0, for versions >10.0.0 <11.0.0, please consult the CHANGELOG

Requirements changed

  • Mongoose 6.8.0 or higher is now required
  • Typescript 4.9 or higher is now required to be used
  • NodeJS 14 is now the lowest supported nodejs version

TSConfig Target is now es2020

The tsconfig target has been changed to es2020, which also makes the ouput incompatible with anything before NodeJS 14.
This was changed because it outputs less polyfills and makes debugging easier (also bundle size is slightly lower)

data@schemas got refactored to be metadata

The schemas map from src/internal/data got refactored to be a map on the classes themself, called SchemaCache, see src/internal/constants.ts@DecoratorKeys::CachedSchema.

This means there is now 1 less interference with classes of the same name, currently there still exists:

  • data@models: Stores the model with the key being the model name
  • data@constructors: Stored the classes with the key being the model name

Hooks got refactored

Hook types got refactored to be more closely matching mongoose's definition, with slight QOL updates.
Hook internals also got refactored to use less code from what mongoose already supports.

Ref now transparently uses DocumentType

Type Ref got updated to transparently use DocumentType, which made the type checks for isDocument easier, which made it possible to changed the types for isDocument now has types working with typescript 4.9.

isDocument now has types working with typescript 4.9

When typescript 4.9 first released, it didnt work with typegoose and version 9.x still does not work with typescript 4.9, but 10.0 now works with typescript 4.9

As a side-effect, the type-narrowing also works with the else case and excludes the true case.

Indexes can now be set to not be inherited

In Typegoose 10.0 a new ModelOption has been introduced named disableLowerIndexes to choose to not inherit any of the lower indexes.

Nested discriminators can now be defined on the Base Class

With Typegoose 10.0 nested discriminators can now be set via the model-option options.discriminators instead of just via the prop-option discriminators.
This will be useful when the base class (and the discriminators) are used multiple times with the same definition.


A Error is thrown when both this option and the prop-option discriminators are defined.
See Duplicate Option Definition [E032].

buildSchema now only accepts 2 arguments instead of 3

With Typegoose 10.0 buildSchema now only accepts 2 arguments instead of 3, where the last 2 (previously named options and overwriteOptions) have been merged into just options.

Option runSyncIndexes has been removed

The Model Option runSyncIndexes has been removed. If wanting to continue to use it, manually call model.syncIndexes().

Function getClassForDocument has been removed

Function getClassForDocument has been removed and merged into getClass directly.

Deprecated options got removed

disablePluginsOnDiscriminator and $isDiscriminator

disablePluginsOnDiscriminator and $isDiscriminator were temporary options to work-around some discriminator problems, and got deprecated in typegoose 9.13.0 and now they are removed again in 10.0.

IndexOptions and @index now dont have a generic anymore

Type IndexOptions and decorator @index now have no generic anymore and will result in a typescript error noting this, simply remove the generic.
This Generic was unused since 9.10.0.

Alias for WhatIsIt to PropType have been removed

The Enum (and some internal options) had been renamed from WhatIsIt to PropType in typegoose 9.5.0, and for backwards-compatability had been aliased, but now in 10.0.0 these aliases (and final remaining property names) have been removed or renamed.

Some Unused types have been removed

Some unused types that had been meant for internal use have been removed:

  • EmptyVoidFn
  • IObjectWithTypegooseName